Let’s tune in to the holiday with cheerful Christmas programs together!

The Advent fair, held in the heart of Budapest, deservedly attracts millions of domestic and foreign guests every year. The classic Christmas market, already fused with the history of the city, awaits visitors again this year with a monumental Christmas tree in the heart of Vörösmarty Square.

Street Váci, considered the main street of Budapest, always dresses up in celebration for Christmas, with its wonderful lights and architectural specialties it is impressive in itself, but when craftmens and gastronomic exhibitors arrive at the square, you simply cannot get enough of it. Everyone is captivated by the Christmas spirit, the fantastic interplay of flavors, smells and lights.

Whether you’re buying a fairy, heartwarming Christmas present at an artisanal exhibitor or simply drinking a delicious mulled wine, the joy and beauty of preparing for the holiday is surly moving into your heart.

This year, those arriving at the square are not only awaited by handicrafts and various gastronomic delicacies, but also by a space renewed in sight, one of the most eye-catching points is the giant Christmas tree projected onto the Harisnyaház. Seeing the beauty playing in classic green and red colors, we can’t wait to immerse ourselves into the classic Christmas fair.

One of the main attractions of the square – children’s favorite – is the tiny locomotive, which visitors can use free of charge. The loud laughter of the glittering-eyed little cuties, the inimitable sound of the little train are all indispensable and essential accessories of a classic Christmas atmosphere. But the Little ones are also welcomed by a great artisanal playhouse, where entertainment is also guaranteed.

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